Mountains are seen in the distance during a sunset after rain.
  Clothes dry in the sun outside Mr Battomor's ger (yurt).
 Cheese drying inside Mr Battomor's family ger.
 Two nomads prepare lunch in the Tammir Valley,  a yak stands in the background.
  Nomads watch television inside Mr Battulga's ger.
 Mr Battulga's television.
 Children play a game of travel ludo outside Mr Battulga's ger.
 Children practice Mongolian wrestleing outside Mr Battulga's ger.
 Portrait of Mr Battulga and his son Monkh-orgil.
 Arkhangai Aimag (province) contains the second highest peaks in Mongolia.
 Portrait of Tsend-ayush and his horses.
 Gambat and Share skin and butcher a sheep at Mr Byamba-Ochir's ger.
 Mr Byamba-Ochir's ger after rain.
 Portrait of Share and Dorjsuren collecting water.
 Horses at Mr Byamba-Ochir's ger.
 An "ovoo", a shamanistic collection of stones, wood or other offerings like milk or vodka to the gods. Usually found in high places like mountain passes. Near the Khukh Nuur (Blue Lake).
 Khukh Nuur (Blue Lake) located close to the top of the Arhangai Mountains.
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