Bob Graham, Ice Pilot from New Zealand.
 Paul Douglas Ruzycki, First Mate from Canada.
 Jose Beccaria, 3rd Mate from Argentina.
 Fernando Romo, 2nd Mate from Spain.
 Dave Mc Evitt, Chief Engineer from Ireland.
 Robin Ristjouw, 2nd Engineer from The Netherlands.
 Viacheslav Doroshuk, Engineer from Russia.
 Thom Looney, Radio Operator from the United States.
 Brigitte Weiler, Medic from Germany.
 Miroslav Desov, Electrician from Bulgaria
 John Fletcher Cambridge University Polar Scientist from the United Kingdom.
 Wilindro Rodrigues, Cook from India.
 Teit Jensen, Cooks Assistant from Denmark.
 Grant Oakes, Bosun from New Zealand.
 Eric Bangad, Deckhand from The Phillippines.
 Ana Carla Martinez, Deckhand from Argentina.
 Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel, Deckhand from Brazil.
 Maria Fernanda Arduino, Deckhand from Argentina.
 Frida Bengtsson, a Greenpeace Arctic Campaigner from Sweden.
 Henning Reinton, Communications Manager at Greenpeace Norway.
 Irish / Cypriot Videographer Stephen (Steve) Nugent.
 Dutch photographer, Bas Beentjes.
 Alex Yallop from the United Kingdom. Picture Editor & Photographer at Greenpeace International.
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